Travel plans

Part of what has been keeping me so busy lately (besides grad school) is this durned book. It is turning out to be a pretty high-maintenance project, as I set up various promotional events hither and yon. I had no idea this would be such a project. Writing a book was hard, but wow…

Someday I’ll get one of those fancy online calendars set up. I’m sure it’s pretty easy but I’ve been, um, busy.

So for now, I just want to give everyone a heads up about my upcoming travel plans using regular blog technology. I know, I know, it’s so 2007! 2005 maybe! I don’t even know how far behind I am.

Right now I have three main trips on the horizon, and if you find yourself to be in my path for one of them, please drop me a line . I would put my email in this post, but I know that would lead to endless spam.

In some cases I am just meeting informally, sometimes just a few people over lunch or dinner. I love those sorts of gatherings, so don’t feel like you need to get a big crowd together to contact me. The stadium tour comes later. Much later, I hope.

Trip 1: San Diego – Nov 23-24. I’ll be pretty busy with family, but what the heck. I’ll be at the LA train station for an hour Tuesday morning, around 10.

Trip 2: Northern California Loop – Dec 7 in San Francisco (tentative evening thing, TBA), Dec 8 in East SF Bay(tentative lunch gathering, TBA) , Dec 9-10 in Chico for a pair of events (book reading on 9th, interfaith/food on 10th)

Trip 3: National Tour – This is still coming together, but it looks like there will be a few events in the Pacific NW (Portland, Olympia, Seattle, and maybe Eugene and Tacoma), and then the thing really kicks off in the Midwest around Jan 10. Likely or possible stops include: Minneapolis, Madison WI, Chicago, Ann Arbor MI, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, Washington DC, Durham NC, New Orleans, Houston, Austin, Oklahoma City, Denver, and Salt Lake City. There is a good chance that I’ll be traveling with a very special Italian guest from the Trentino cooperative federation for the Chicago-Boston leg. I’m open to minor detours from this, but I’ll be traveling by 30 day Amtrak rail pass, so having train access will help your case.

And of course, I’m always around Sacramento. Except for when I’m not.

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