Too much good stuff

In this time of scary news all around, I get a lot of encouragement about all the good stuff that is happening all over the place. We are in the midst of a transition that will be uncomfortable for most, painful for many, and totally essential in the long run. As Bono put it in his letter to Obama, “the difficult months and triumphant years ahead.” (ooh, “Where the Streets Have No Name” just came on the cafe radio as I was adding that link…gives me the shivers)

I really believe that we are being collectively called to change. We’ve been in a bad relationship with each other and we need to transform that.

I’ve been doing this blog for almost half a year, and I’ve crammed probably a few hundred links into it. Most of these are good news of some sort. People are doing great things all over the place, and even I can barely keep track of it all. My haphazard blogging doesn’t really help that, and I don’t expect that most people would want to dig through everything I’ve written and call that research.

Fortunately, I just found out that a dormant project to catalog these sorts of projects and make them accessible is stirring again. With any luck, there will soon be a web site that provides an organized look at community-based solutions to many of our problems. I hope to have more on this soon.

Meanwhile, have courage. The building blocks for a new economy are all around us, and we just need to figure out how to fit them together. And if you want more of what I’m serving, check out Yes! and Grassroots Economic Organizing. Both go into much more detail about the same sorts of things that get the drive-by treatment here.

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