Life-changing event

I have moved from Sacramento to Washington DC, to serve as communications specialist for the National Cooperative Business Association. My primary responsibility will be coordinating and writing content for the Cooperative Business Journal (CBJ), a bimonthly print publication, as well as NCBA’s monthly “eNews.” If this seems sudden, its because it was sudden; only four weeks between applying and arriving at the office.

This new staff position will impact my availability for speaking and writing on cooperatives. Because I’ll be representing NCBA as a member of its public affairs staff, my public words will need to be in harmony with the messages put forth by NCBA. On the bright side, I’ll be involved in shaping those messages.

I am suspending my blog for the time being. It will probably return as a mirror of a blog site for NCBA once they go live with their web site redesign this spring. My speaking availability will also be managed through NCBA’s new Speaker Bureau.

Meanwhile there are nearly 180 back posts that may be browsed or searched. The blog’s history includes my extensive reflections on the economic crisis (both launched in Oct 2008), accounts of my travels to co-op hotbeds in Italy (Oct 2008) and the Basque Country and US Rust Belt (Oct-Nov 2009, my five-week national book tour (Jan-Feb 2009), and my participation in a really wild dogfight on co-ops and health care reform (all summer long). There are also some oddballs about spontaneous musicals, musical instruments, movie reviews, and paradigm shifts. Hooray for reruns!

In my absence from the blogosphere, I recommend related blogs like The Workers’ Paradise (US), Co-operatives in the Spotlight (UK), and Robb on Cooperation (NZ). The Distributist Review and Front Porch Republic also frequently address cooperative economics and are worth a visit for their sheer mass of interesting and thought-provoking discussion.

And maybe more people can start co-op blogs now. Feel free to rat out other and new co-op bloggers (including yourself) in the comments below.

This blog thing has been a whole lot of fun (and sometimes a big pain in the butt), and I will miss being able to let rip about whatever crosses my mind. However, I see this as trading in my little plastic pail and shovel for a hydraulic excavator. I have to be more careful about where I start digging, but I’ll be able to move a whole lot more dirt.

I think it’s a pretty good deal, and I’ve got no regrets. Thanks for reading, and thanks especially to those who took the time to comment.

In cooperation,

Andrew McLeod

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4 Responses to Life-changing event

  1. Heuristic Learning says:

    Congratulations on the new job! And thanks for mentioning Alan Robb’s blog. It’s real odd that his sharp writings don’t get much in the way of comments.

  2. yochai says:

    Your blog has been the only blog ON THE INTERNET specializing on co-ops. It is most sad to see you go; I do hope one of us faithfuls will work up the courage to do something likewise.
    Thanks again

  3. joe says:

    great news. i look forward to the ncba redesign and your contributions to their content.

    self-rat out: it’s mostly a bunch of links, but once in a while i’ve been tinkering with a nascent, still user-unfriendly worker cooperative site at if writers (or drupal developers) want to get involved, the long term goal is a community blogging platform.

    good luck with the move!

  4. Frances Chapman says:

    Good luck in your new job. What a challenging time for cooperatives–steering between cooptation (no pun intended) from the right and sharpened criticism from the left. I marvel that I am hearing “Proudhonist” slurs from Marxists. Keep the faith (as much as you can).

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