An hour of writing

I’m going to re-launch an old habit that I think was a good one: I shall write every morning, and post it immediately more often than not (i.e. at least 4 days per week). I hope that this discipline will help me get through a backlog of drafts and some gnarly writer’s block.

To start, I’m limiting myself to one hour per day. So today, Monday the 7th, this gets posted at 10:45 and then I move on to my next task. I need to keep this short and sweet, and not attempt too much in a given day. I’ve got no editors and not even any time to let pieces sit and stew (at least, not any longer than they have already).

Here’s an overview of the writing that I have to do:

Fact: If nothing else I should post something along the lines of the “newses” I cranked out most days while I was at NCBA; then, I pointed toward a few key developments gleaned from the strangely-unhelpful nature of search engine queries about “co-ops” or “cooperatives” or even “credit unions.” But some feature reporting needs to happen too.

Fiction: Yes, fiction. I’ve had a mashup of near-future utopia and dystopia hounding me for a few years now. I need to post some of these drafts to start a conversation about this world I’m envisioning, to explore plausible ideas of how we might get through this uncomfortable phase of history that we are entering.

Faith: I hope we might find comfort in stories from our great traditions. These often contain elements of justice and struggle that resonate powerfully with our current situation. Some of them involve a personified God figure, others are less father-like in their concept of the divine. I hope and pray that I can help point out their universal relevance.

Each of these themes will be in a specific online location (or locations). I’ll occasionally link from one to the other, as well as from Facebook and other more public places. But for now this is going to be sort of low-key, public but not promoted.

I want to have at least a few people expecting me to write. Ideally, I’d like for you to comment from time to time, either by email or – better yet! – on the blog’s comments section. Your comments will help guide my work and give me encouragement to bust through this writer’s block.

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2 Responses to An hour of writing

  1. Yochai says:

    I’m so glad you’re writing again!

  2. coopgeek says:

    Thanks Yochai! It’s good to be back!

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